Ministers al-Qaderi and al-Gharbi: Providing necessary facilitations to market and export citrus fruits

Lattakia, SANA Minister of Agriculture and Agrarian Reform, Ahmed al-Qaderi and Minster of Interior Trade and Consumer Protection, Abdullah al-Gharbi stressed the government’s continuous efforts to provide all requirements and facilitations necessary to market citrus fruits inside Syria and abroad.

In their tour with Minister of Social Affairs Rima Qaderi and Lattakia Governor Ibrahim Khodr al-Salem to a number of packaging centers and citrus farms in the province, Minister al-Qaderi called for improving the quality of citrus fruits and monitoring the packaging and exports processes through specialized committees.

He pointed out to the marketing guidance program launched by the Ministry with the aim of providing
consultative services to farmers in order to increase production and ensure its suitability for export, in addition to developing their marketing mentality.

He noted to the ministry’s communications with a number of Russian companies interested in importing citrus fruits from Syria, indicating that the largest amount of production will be marketed at local markets.

In turn, Minister al-Gharbi said that a fleet of trucks has been equipped to transport citrus fruits from Lattakia and Tartous to other provinces as part of the ministry’s marketing plan, adding that citrus production is estimated
at 1.4 million tons.

For his part, Lattakia Governor underlined coordination between the governorate and ministries concerned to provide all facilitations and necessary requirements to market citrus fruits.

In a relevant context, Ministers of Social Affairs and Interior Trade and Consumer Protection visited Ein Jandal village in al-Qardaha countryside and inspected small rural projects carried out in the village, underlining the importance of expanding such projects taking into account its contribution to the improvement of living conditions in
Lattakia countryside.

The two ministers agreed on turning the unit of carpet industry in Ein Qayieta town into a bakery before the end of the current year in order to meet citizens’ need of bread.

R. Raslan / Ghossoun

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