Larijani to Abbas: Iran will continue providing political and economic support to Syria

Tehran, SANA – Speaker of the Iranian Shura Council Ali Larijani met on Monday in Tehran Speaker of the Syrian People’s Assembly Hadiyeh Abbas, affirming to her that Iran will continue providing political and economic support to Syria.

In a joint press conference after their meeting, the two sides affirmed that they will continue coordination and consultations regarding combating terrorism and parliamentary cooperation.

They also denounced the US aggression which targeted a Syrian Arab Army position, stressing that this aggression serves terrorists and refutes America’s claims that it fights terrorism, in addition to denouncing the double-standards policy employed in fighting terrorism, stressing that there’s no such thing as good terrorism and bad terrorism.

Larijani said that since the beginning of the crisis in Syria, Iran had said that the solution must be a political solution, not a military one, and that the Syrians alone will decide Syria’s future.

He stressed that democracy doesn’t come from creating crises; rather it requires a suitable background, noting that some of the states that support terrorists and claim that they seek to establish democracy in Syria never held elections throughout their entire history.

For her part, Abbas lauded Iran’s support for Syria, saying this support bolstered the steadfastness of the Syrian people.

She said her meeting with Larijani was productive, particularly regarding fighting terrorism, stressing that Syria is fighting terrorism on behalf of the entire world, and that it will continue doing so until all of Syria is clear of terrorism.

“Every day, we achieve major victories over terrorism, but sadly there are those who claim to fight terrorism and at the same time provide all sorts of support to terrorism,” she said, stressing that the US attack on a Syrian Army position in Deir Ezzor is deliberate and is proof of America’s deception.

In a joint press conference following the meeting, Abbas and Larijani affirmed the need to continue consultations and coordination in the fight against terrorism and the joint parliamentary cooperation to serve the interests of Syria and Iran and the aspirations of the two brotherly peoples.

Abbas, accompanied by a parliamentary delegation, began on Sunday morning an official visit to Tehran in response to an official invitation by Larijani.

Hazem Sabbagh

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