Informed source: UN hinders the exit of gunmen from al-Waer neighborhood to Idleb under groundless pretexts

Damascus, SANA- an informed source told SANA that the United Nations hindered the exit of gunmen from al-Waer neighborhood in Homs to Idleb province under groundless pretexts.

The source said that the UN obstructed the agreement of evacuating al-Waer neighborhood from arms and gunmen under groundless pretexts that situation is not safe or that there is no chance to examine the issue despite the fact that its employees participated in the details of the agreement.

UN has participated in implementing the first phase of al-Waer neighborhood agreement which was implemented in December 2015 when 720 gunmen departed the neighborhood along with their families.
The source added that the Syrian government sees no justification for the behavior of the UN officials to hinder the agreement.

Nearly 250 gunmen, along with their families, had to leave al-Waer today into Idleb countryside according to the agreement, but the move was hindered by the UN according to the informed source.

Qabas/ Mazen

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