Expatriates delegation calls for holding general conference of Syrian expatriates in Damascus before end of 2016

Damascus, SANA – The expatriates delegation currently visiting Syria concluded its visit by calling on Monday for holding the general conference of Syrian expatriates in Damascus before end of 2016 and to begin preparations for it immediately, in addition to announcing naming the gathering of Syrian expatriates around the world as the World Assembly of Syrian Expatriates – Warsaw Statement Group.

In its statement, the delegation said it elected a follow-up committee, and afterwards another committee will be formed to prepare for the general conference.

The follow-up committee members are Nabil al-Malazi who resides in Poland, Samih Matar who resides in Kuwait, Usama Baniat who resides in Poland, Yakoub Murad who resides in Sweden, Georgette Farah who resides in the USA, and Sabri Ayyoub who resides in Sweden.

The delegation also suggested that expatriates be represented at the People’s Assembly by a special advisory committee formed of expatriates, calling for increasing the role of expatriates in national reconciliations, intra-Syrian dialogue, exchange of expertise, and investment in order to participate in the reconstruction stage and in drawing Syria’s future.

Hazem Sabbagh

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