Humanitarian aid from Russia and ICRC distributed in Damascus and Daraa countryside

Damascus Countryside/ Daraa, SANA – A humanitarian aid shipment provided by Russia was delivered on Saturday to Sham al-Maaref area in Sahnayn town in Damascus Countryside.

The distribution of aid was supervised by Representative of the Hmeimim-based Russian Coordination Center Col. Artyom Kazankov, who told reporters that 4.5 tons of food supplies including rice, sugar and canned meat and fish were distributed in Sham al-Maaref area today.

The aid targeted people and families mainly displaced from Daraya city due to terrorist acts.

A week ago, a Russian humanitarian aid shipment was distributed to needy families in al-Woroud neighborhood in Damascus.

Tens of towns all across Syria have received humanitarian and relief aid provided by Russia in the past period.

Food and relief aid distributed to locals in al-Sanamain city in Daraa countryside

In a relevant context, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) branch in Daraa and the relief subcommittee distributed on Saturday food and relief aid in al-Sanamain city in the northern countryside of Daraa.

Deputy head of the Executive office Awad al-Sweidan said in a statement that distributing aid came within the response plan by the high committee for relief, noting that the plan includes distributing aid to areas in the province in coordination with the relief committee in Daraa and SARC.

Head of the SARC branch in Daraa Dr. Ahmad Masalmeh said that the aid distributed on Saturday included 5000 food packages, 5000 packages of canned food, 3000 health packages, 250 dialysis units, medicine and requirements for drinking water.

On July 30th, an aid convoy of 44 trucks loaded with relief, medical and health aid entered Nawa city northwest of Daraa.

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H. Said

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