Exporters Union opens center for Syrian exports in Tehran

Damascus, SANA- The Syrian Exporters’ Union opened a center for Syrian exports in Tehran and put it in Syrian exporters service to help them market their products in the Iranian markets and to identify their requirements of the Syrian goods during a visit by a delegation from the Union, businessmen exporters and producers to the Iranian capital last week.

In a statement, the Exporters Union announced preparations for launching a series of exhibitions in a number of Iranian cities in some productive sectors which are marketable in the Iranian markets.

The start will be with an exhibition of textile products next September.

The Union said that the exhibition is planned to be one of the largest and most important Syrian textile exhibitions abroad due to the importance of the Iranian markets which can be an important center for the Syrian textile products which witnessed recovery during the past couple of years.

Scores of Syrian companies will take part in the exhibition and showcase their products of clothing.

According to the statement, this move comes along with establishing maritime transport and implementing the free trade agreement between the two countries under which goods can be exchanged with competitive tariffs that do not exceed 4%.

In turn, Head of the Syrian Exporters Union Mohammad al-Sawah said in a statement that the support offered by the government helps in the advancement of exports particularly in light of Syria’s exporting potential in a significant number of agricultural and industrial sectors, noting that Iran can be equivalent to the Iraqi market in its importance.

Al-Sawah explained that a center for the Syrian exports was opened in Tehran where specialized work teams are tasked with advertising the Syrian products.

Al-Sawah said that the clear government support and overcoming difficulties which hinder cooperation with friendly countries had launched Syria into a new phase of trade and investment cooperation with these countries, particularly Iran, in line with the distinguished political relations between the two countries.

Last week, Prime Minister Imad Khamis met with the Syrian exporters Union’s council, providing directions to support exporters and improve the exporting process to complement the advancement of the productivity process in the agricultural and industrial sectors.

He also directed the ministries and parties concerned to overcome difficulties that the export sector faces to develop it to secure real contribution in supporting the state treasury.

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