Health Ministry provides 5 tons of medical supplies to Muadamiyet al-Cham

Damascus, SANA – The Health Ministry provided a 5-ton medical shipment to the medical center of Muadamiyet al-Cham area in Damascus Countryside.

The shipment, which contains medicine for terminal and common diseases and medicine for children, was provided in cooperation with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Caretaker Health Minister Dr. Saad al-Nayef said that almost two weeks ago, over 2400 shots of vaccine were provided for the aforementioned medical center, and that Damascus Countryside Health Directory, in cooperation with the SARC and civil societies, organized vaccination for children in Muadamiyet al-Cham in four stages.

On a relevant note, al-Nayef said that a similar shipment weighing 8 tons will be sent within the next few hours to the eastern part of Aleppo in cooperation with the WHO and the SARC, adding that the Ministry had facilitated the delivery of 169 medical aid shipments to provinces within the past weeks, in addition to delivering over 470 medical shipments to provinces’ health directorates.

He asserted that efforts to provide more shipments to all provinces will continue over the coming days.

H. Sabbagh

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