22nd day of Israeli aggression claims lives of over 100 Palestinians in Gaza

Gaza, SANA – Israel’s aggression on Gaza Strip claimed the lives of over 100 Palestinians and injured more than 200 others on its 22nd day.

Palestinian media outlets quoted a medical source in Gaza as saying that over 100 Palestinians were killed by Israeli shelling of residential neighborhoods, raising the death toll to over 1156 since the beginning of the aggression and the number of injured people to over 6700.

Among the victims were six people from family in Khan Younus, journalist Bahaeddin al-Gharib and his daughter Ula in Rafah, child Hanan al-Hennawi in Haza city, and seven people from one family in the center of Gaza Strip.

Six year-old child Zaher al-Najjar who was wounded by the Israeli aggression succumbed to his wounds in a hospital in Jerusalem, while a child was rescued from underneath the ruins of a house that was destroyed by Israeli shelling at dawn in Rafah.

News agencies reported that at least eight civilians were killed in an Israeli shelling of Jabalya area.

The Israeli aggression also put the sole power station in the Gaza Strip out of commission after artillery shells hit it, causing a massive fire which fire fighters were unable to extinguish as of the time the incident was reported.

M. Nassr / H. Sabbagh

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