update- Tens of families get out of Aleppo eastern neighborhoods; gunmen turn themselves in to Army

Aleppo, SANA – Tens of families went out of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, while a number of gunmen turned themselves in to units of the Syrian Army.

SANA reporter in Aleppo said that tens of families went out on Saturday through the corridors Aleppo Governorate has specified for the safety departure of the civilians besieged by the terrorist groups in the eastern neighborhoods, adding that they have reached Salah-Eddin neighborhood where the Army received them and sent them in cooperation with authorities concerned to makeshift centers.

The reporter added that later today, a number of women, aged over 40 years old, got out of the eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo city through Salah Eddin corridor and the concerned parties transferred them into makeshift centers prepared by Aleppo governorate and offer them immediate assistance.

 Aleppo Governorate made on Friday procedures and arrangements to receive the residents of the eastern neighborhoods of the city and prepared makeshift centers equipped with all living and relief requirements.

Local sources and media reports affirm that the armed terrorist groups try to prevent the families from getting out the eastern neighborhoods.

On Thursday, President Bashar al-Assad issued a legislative degree No 15 for the year 2016 stipulating for granting an amnesty for those who turn themselves in to the competent authorities and lay down their weapons and those who set free in safe way persons they kidnapped.

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