Six new violations of cessation of hostilities agreement

Lattakia, SANA – The cessation of hostilities agreement has been violated six more times by terrorist groups, raising the total number of violations to 825 since the agreement came into effect on 27 February, the Russian Coordination Center said on Tuesday night.

The Russian Center, based in Hmeimim airbase in Lattakia, added in a statement that 41 villages in a number of Syrian provinces have joined the cessation of hostilities agreement, raising the total number to 259, while the number of the terrorist groups which showed commitment to the agreement remains at 61.

The statement said that the ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists continue their attempts to sabotage the agreement, asserting that Jaish al-Islam terror organization targeted with mortar and rocket shells Hatitet al-Jarash and Housh al-Fara villages in Damascus countryside, while Ahrar al-Cham terrorist organization targeted Qaroura area in Lattakia countryside.

Terrorists targeted Abu al-Alaya and al-Tarfawi areas in Hama province and al-Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo and Tal Jabaqjeh area in its countryside, the statement went on to say.

The cessation of hostilities agreement does not cover ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra, and other groups designated as terrorist organizations by the UN Security Council.

H. Zain/ Hazem Sabbagh

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