Foreign Ministry: Syria welcomes Russian-US agreement on counterterrorism

Damascus, SANA – Syria welcomes statements issued following the recent US Secretary of State John Kerry’s visit to Moscow in assertion of  agreement between Moscow and Washington on counterterrorism.

An official source at Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said on Sunday that the Syrian Arab republic has followed with interest the statements issued following the US Secretary of State’s visit to Moscow on the 15th of the current month, which stressed the agreement between the Russian and US sides on combating terrorism (ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra groups), adding that Syria, which is standing in the frontline in combating this sweeping evil, welcomes these statements.

“Syria reiterates keenness on achieving a political solution for the crisis in the country that meets the aspirations of the Syrian people and gains their support as it is ready for resuming the intra-Syrian dialogue without preconditions with a view that this dialogue would lead to a comprehensive solution led by the Syrians themselves without foreign meddling and backed by the United Nations and the international community,” it added.

 The source said that Syria stresses the Army and Armed Forces’ determination to go ahead in combating terrorists for eliminating them in cooperation with the Russian Federation based on mutual trust and also in cooperation with the other members of the international community who share us, as well as cooperate with Russia, in achieving this goal; to this end, Syria is ready to coordinate counterterrorism air raids in accordance with the agreement between Russia and the USA.

The source added that “Syria has agreed on the cessation of hostilities as agreed between the presidents Putin and Obama on 27th of February, 2016, and asserted adherence to with preserving our forces’ right of response, and in this regard we attach importance to a disengagement of the groups joining the system of cessation of hostilities from the terrorist groups with assertion on the need for the USA to fulfill the promises made in this regard and work on halting the influx of terrorists, weapons and money from Syria’s neighboring countries because without drying up the terrorism resources, the cessation of hostilities will be useless.”

The source emphasized that the Syrian government will continue to fulfill its duty towards the citizens and exert all possible efforts to improve the humanitarian situation in the country through delivering the aid to those who deserve them in different Syrian areas.

R. Milhem / Ghossoun





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