Peskov: Putin-Kerry talks centered on repercussions of crisis in Syria and different cooperation formulas regarding it

Moscow, SANA – Kremlin said that the talks between the Russian President Vladimir Putin and US Secretary of State John Kerry on Thursday centered on the repercussions of the crisis in Syria and the different forms of cooperation regarding it without touching upon the direct Russian-US military cooperation for counterterrorism.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said “In the talks, the topic of direct military cooperation in the fight against terrorism did not figure,” expressing regret that Moscow and Washington have not approached for launching a real cooperation for upgrading the affectivity of efforts meant to counter terrorism despite continuation of information exchange between the two military institutions.

Peskov described the talks as fruitful and posed a continuation of frank and detailed communication, adding that issues related to cooperation regarding Syria have not been settled yet.

He pointed out that Russia stresses the need for continuing the intra-Syrian dialogue in Geneva being the only way for the political solution to the crisis in Syria.

Peskov pointed out that the Russian and US foreign ministers will clarify, in a press conference later today, the results of the meeting, declining to identify the scope of advance achieved by the two sides.

Putin to Kerry: Moscow hopes for progress in talks with Washington on Syria

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov asserted that talks with US Secretary of State John Kerry were getting more relevant in the wake of the terrorist attack that hit Nice city in France.

“Our work is getting an even greater urgency and relevance in the connection with the terrorist attack in Nice,” Lavrov said after a meeting with Kerry on Friday.

Kerry Lavrvo

He added that it is necessary to “continue the conversation we began yesterday,” referring to a meeting that brought Kerry together with Russian President Vladimir Putin and Lavrov on Thursday.

Lavrov described the meeting as “useful”, saying it showed the necessity to intensify the joint Russian-U.S. work in Syria.

For his part, Kerry condemned Nice attack and said that “Syria is currently the world’s foremost hotbed for terrorists,” without admitting that his country caused the emergence of terrorism in Syria.

On Thursday night, a truck rammed into a large crowd that was celebrating Bastille Day in Nice, killing over 80 people and injuring dozens of others.

Earlier today, the Kremlin announced that President Putin discussed with Kerry different forms of cooperation on Syria.

“Questions remain on cooperation between the two countries on Syria,” Kremlin said in a statement, adding that “the political solution to the crisis in Syria is only possible by means of continuing the Geneva process.”

During talks between Putin and Kerry, the former asserted that Russia hopes for progress in bilateral talks on Syria and other issues.

Putin said “I’d like to note our mutual efforts to settle and resolve the conflicts that we believe are of importance and should be resolved,” adding “My last phone conversation with President Obama makes me convinced that it’s our sincere desire not only to pursue the process but to yield tangible results.”

He went on addressing Kerry saying “And I hope that after today’s consultations… you’ll be able to advise him of the progress made and of a possible headway for us to make.”

Putin pointed out that “President Obama drew my attention to the fact that the Russian Federation helped release one of the American citizens in Syria.”

“And I’ll tell you that at your behest we’ll keep working in this way, and I really hope that if need be, the American side will reciprocate in efforts and would accommodate our request as well,” the Russian president added.

For his part, Kerry hoped that Washington and Moscow “will be able to make some genuine progress that is measurable and implementable that can make a difference to the course of events in Syria.”

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