Putin: Fate of Syria does not only influence Middle East future

Moscow, SANA-Russian President Vladimir Putin affirmed that the fate of Syria does not only influence the future of the Middle East, indicating that the outcome of the fight against ISIS is now being decided on the Syrian land.

“Syria found itself at the epicenter of the fight against terrorism. It is no exaggeration to say that the fate of this country does not only influence the future of the Middle East. The outcome of the fight against Daesh is being decided on Syrian soil,” Putin said in a speech during a meeting on Thursday with Russian ambassadors and permanent representatives.

Putin underlined the need for cooperation and joint international action to resolve the crisis in Syria and the concerted efforts of all countries through a united front to fight terrorism, considering that a final settlement for the crisis in Syria is “still very, very far off.”

“It is clear that a final settlement is still very, very far off, but the experience gained over the last few months in Syria demonstrated that only by joining efforts toward the creation of a broad anti-terrorist front urged by Russia can we successfully confront today’s threats,” he reassured.

The Russian President praised the merits of the Russian diplomacy and the efforts of Russian servicemen in this regard, stating “I want once again to thank our servicemen who have done everything to push back terrorists and prevent the illegitimate external forceful interference in Syria’s affairs and preserve the very Syrian statehood.”

He pointed out that Russia, US and other partners managed mainly to establish the cessation of hostilities agreement in many areas of Syria. “And this is good evidence that a lot of problems and international crises can be resolved through joint action.”

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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