President al-Assad partakes in Iftar with heroes of the army in Marj al-Sultan Airport

Damascus, SANA-President Bashar al-Assad on Sunday visited the heroes of the Syrian Arab Army on the front lines of Eastern Ghouta in Damascus countryside.

President al-Assad visited advanced points in the first array at al-Aghawani farms in Marj al-Sultan town in Kharabou area and reassured the conditions of the forces serving there, who achieved a number of heroic achievements in facing terrorist organizations that attacked the locals of that area, damaged their properties and completely destroyed the infrastructure.

President al-Assad affirmed that the battles of our brave army in facing terrorist groups make history and the great heroism of our soldiers preserved Syria in the face of the fierce war to which it is exposed, pointing out that all the Syrians draw their strength and optimism from that heroism.

The President indicated that the strength and steadfastness of families of the Syrian army fighters was a key factor in the determination of their sons and their achievements.

For their part, the army heroes affirmed that President al-Assad’s visit raises their morals and that their eternal logo will remain the victory or martyrdom, affirming their determination to fight till the liberation of every inch of Syria.

The soldiers stressed that they will remain the safeguards that combat terrorist organizations to let all Syrians feel secured and to have life continue in Syria.

At the end of the visit, president al-Assad partook in the Iftar meal of Ramadan along with a number of heroes of the Syrian Arab Army in Marj al-Sultan Airport.

President al-Assad said while having the Iftar “To me, this meal is the most delicious meal in my life.”











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