30 electrical transformers from Iran reach Tartous port

Tartous, SANA – Thirty electrical power transformers with all their equipment reached Tartous port on Sunday as part of a contract between the Ministry of Electricity and Sunir, an Iranian power, water equipment, and service export company.

The capacity of each transformer is 30 MW AMP, and those transformers are the last batch of a contract for supplying the Electricity Ministry with 50 electrical transformers valued at EUR 20 million.

In a statement, the Electricity Ministry said that the contract is one of many contracts to supply a range of electrical equipment which are important for developing the power grid, adding that the contracts are funded by the Iranian credit line.

The Ministry added that the transformers will contribute to rehabilitating the transformer substations which were sabotaged by terrorist organizations and to meeting power needs.

In turn, Director of Tartous Electricity Company Malek Maitah said that during the next month, more transformers will be imported through additional contracts which are also funded by the Iranian credit line, adding that one of the upcoming contracts includes supplying the ministry with 4 large transformers with a capacity of 300 MW AMP each at a total value of EUR 8.5 million, while another contract valued at EUR 7 million provides for supplying 6 transformers with a capacity of 125 MW AMP each.

He pointed out that other contracts funded by the Iranian credit line with Iranian company Sanerjy to supply high-voltage power lines, pointing out that this equipment will be used to rehabilitate stations and networks ravaged by terrorist organizations, in addition to the construction of new stations and networks in all provinces.

Manar al-Freih / Hazem Sabbagh

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