Amid rising death toll from Israeli aggression into Gaza, the resistance makes advances

Gaza, SANA –The Israeli enemy continues its barbaric aggression into the Gaza Strip with full swing of killing more Palestinian civilians, bringing the death toll to over 730 since the beginning of the aggression on July 7.

Palestinian Medical sources said that 6 Palestinians, among them a child, were killed while scores were injured of an Israeli bombing on a hospital to the East of Gaza and another raid Khan Younes.

Horrific massacres continue to be committed; the latest was earlier today when 6 Palestinians from one family were killed in Israeli strikes in Khan Yunous in southern Gaza.

The aggression has also left more than 74, 563 others wounded, with the number of casualties continue to mount as the Zionist enemy is undeterred.


Medical and civil defense teams are engaged in pulling out more bodies from under debris in various areas as the scale of devastation caused by the Israeli bombardment and artillery shelling is unspeakable.

Women, children and elderly people are among the hardest hit, as they are getting killed daily while at home or on streets attempting to flee the unlimited violence to a possible haven, but to no avail.

However, the Palestinian resistance’s defiance seems insurmountable, with the resistance factions making a remarkable progress in their operations to repel the Israeli aggression.

The resistance managed to penetrate the backlines of the enemy in al-Tufah neighborhood in the east of the Strip and kill 8 Israeli soldiers, in addition to targeting and destroying a troop carrier with an RBG shell.

In a blow to the Zionist entity, Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport, Israel’s primary international air travel hub, has been a target of the resistance’s incessant rocket firing, pushing aviation companies around the world to stop flights to the airport.

The resistance fighters also managed to blow up at dawn a roadside bomb in an Israeli tank on the frontlines in al-Ammour area to the east of Khan Yunous in the south of the Strip.

The resistance also hit Tuesday an Israeli F16 fighter jet that flew over Deir al-Balah in the Gaza Strip, in a first such operation against Israeli fighter jets since the onset of the aggression, but the Palestinian resistance has managed to down several Israeli reconnaissance planes flying over the Strip.

Meanwhile, the Israeli occupation media admitted that four Israeli soldiers were injured last night. Three Israeli soldiers were killed and two others seriously wounded on Wednesday, with the number of the Israeli soldiers declared killed since the beginning of aggression now standing at 32.

The Israeli settlements have been in a state of panic, with the sirens set off in Tel Aviv, Betah Takfa and al-Sharon.

H. Said/ Mazen


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