Army units advance in eastern Hama, kill 20 ISIS terrorists in Sweida

Provinces,  SANA – Units of the army and armed forces, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, on Sunday continued military operations successfully in several areas.


Army units, in cooperation with the popular defense groups, established control over Abu al-Alaj village and the surrounding hills in the context of the ongoing offensive launched last Thursday in Atherya area in eastern Hama, a military source announced on Sunday.

The village and hills are located some 10 km east of Zakia road junction, which came in the army’s hands two days ago.

In the past three days, the army also regained Deir Hafer crossroad, near Zakia junction, along with Abu al-Zain Mountains and al-Masbah area and cut off ISIS main supply routes in Atherya area.

The military source added that the army also continued chasing the remaining ISIS terrorists in the area surrounding Abu al-Alaj village region after killing and injuring scores of the terrorist organization’s members.

An ISIS command center, a rocket launching pad and a number of vehicles, including armored ones, were destroyed in the operations.


In southern Syria, an army unit killed and injured 20 ISIS terrorists in Tal Asheiheb in the northeastern countryside of Sweida province, the military source said.

Another army unit destroyed ISIS terrorists’ vehicles, some of which equipped with machineguns, in a military operation against ISIS gatherings in al-Maftara village to the northeast of Sweida city.

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