European Organization for Security and Information condemns Jableh and Tartous blasts

Beirut, SANA_ Secretary General of the European Organization for Security and Information Haitham Abu Sa’eed called the terrorist blasts of Jableh and Tartous as “barbaric actions which are listed under humanity crimes”, saying that their perpetrators have no religion and could not be listed as human beings or have any sense of humanity.

Earlier Monday, 7 terrorist explosions hit the two cities of Jableh and Tartous which claimed the lives of 78 citizens and injured scores of other innocents.

Abu Sa’eed indicated, in a statement Tuesday, that in the absence of a clear reference to hold perpetrators of such actions accountable, then those who support and finance terrorists, and know all actions and steps of the terrorist organizations should be brought to justice.

“ What has been happening in Syria since the beginning of the crisis in 2011 do not need more documentation for an international court to prosecute war crimes of the terrorist groups” the statement read, warning against mixing politics with legal issues in order not to obliterate the rights and undermine the Syrian state’s right to defend its people and private and public establishments.

Barry / Ghossoun

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