Iran condemns supporting terrorists by some regional countries, reiterates need for fighting terrorism in Syria

Tehran, SANA- Speaker of Iran’s Shura Council (Parliament) Ali Larijani strongly condemned the support provided by the governments of some regional Islamic countries to the terrorists who shed the blood of the innocents in Syria and Yemen.

Larijani, in a speech during the opening of Iran’s 33rd International Holy Quran Competition in Tehran on Wednesday, said that these governments send weapons to the terrorists in Syria to fuel the war despite announcing the cessation of

Earlier on Tuesday, Larijani, in a speech at the Parliament, considered that sending arms to the terrorist organizations in Syria by the Western countries and particularly by the US in a time when they talk about fighting the terrorism of Jabhat al-Nusra and ISIS is reprehensible.

In same context,Iranian Assistant Foreign Minister for Arab African Affairs Hossein Amir Abdollahian
reiterated the need for fighting terrorism and the work for finding political solution for the crisis
in Syria.


Abdollahian, in a meeting with German State Secretary Marcus Ederer in Tehran on Wednesday, underlined the political solution and fighting terrorism in Syria, blaming interconnecting well- known terrorist groups blacklisted by the UN with the armed violent groups in the country for instability and violation of cessation of hostilities in Syria.

Ederer, for his part, said that Germany believes that crisis in Syrian has a political solution.
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