Russia: No breaches for cessation of hostilities in Eastern Ghouta over the past few days

Lattakia, SANA – The Russian Coordination Center in Hmeimim asserted that no breaches for the cessation of hostilities agreement were observed in the Eastern Ghouta in Damascus Countryside over the past few days.

Head of the center Sergey Kuralenko affirmed to journalists on Wednesday that 91 towns have joined the agreement since it was set up, adding that “52 application forms have been signed with the center ” to join it.

He also asserted that the Russian center at Hmeimim airbase contacts its US counterpart in Amman at least once a day to exchange information about breaches.

Kuralenko pointed out that there are other connection channels through which the center receives information from Syrian citizens and sources outside Syria, clarifying that the center receives reliable information from more than 15 civil organizations operating in Syria.

The center observed 470 violations for the cessation of hostilities agreement by armed terrorist groups since it came into effect on February 27.

Reem / Hazem Sabbagh

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