Two citizens killed in terrorist mortar attacks in Damascus countryside

Damascus, SANA-Two citizens were killed and 9 others got injured in a terrorist mortar attack at the southern entrance of al-Mliha town in Damascus countryside.

A source at the Police Command told SANA that terrorists fired a number of mortar shells causing the martyrdom of two citizens, one of them is a 3-year-old child, and injuring 9 others, including 5 children.

Earlier, four civilians, among them a mother and daughter, were wounded due to terrorists attacks in Damascus.

A source at Damascus Police Command said terrorists detonated an improvised explosive device they planted in a taxi near Victoria Bridge in Damascus, wounding the driver and a citizen.

Meanwhile, terrorists fired a mortar shell that landed near a bakery in al-Dweil’a neighborhood, wounding a mother and her daughter, and causing material damage to several buildings and cars nearby.

Another shell hit a house in al-Soufaniya area in Qassaa’, inflicting material damage.


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