Updated-Syrian Army and Air Force kill ISIS terrorists, destroy their positions and gatherings

Provinces, SANA, The Syrian Army Air Force on Tuesday launched air strikes against ISIS gatherings and positions destroying their gatherings and vehicles in a number of provinces, while army units killed a number of ISIS terrorists in Sweida.


Army units carried out operations against gatherings and fortifications of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Aleppo, inflicting heavy losses in personnel and munitions upon them.

A military source said in a statement to SANA that army units destroyed positions and vehicles for ISIS terrorists during concentrated strikes against their gatherings in al-Mahdoum village near Manbej and in Abad, Deir Qaqo, al-Madiyouneh and Abu Taltal villages to the direction of al-Bab city 38 kilometers to the east of Aleppo.

Another army unit carried out an operation against gatherings and posts where terrorists are active in Deir Hafer city 52 kilometers to the east of Aleppo, destroying a vehicle equipped with a machine gun and fortifications as well as killing a number of terrorists.

The army operations against fortifications and positions of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and other terrorist organizations affiliated to it in al-Eis village 30 kilometers to the south of Aleppo destroyed fortifications and dens for the terrorist organization and killed a number of terrorists.

Army units carried out accurate operations in al-Rashideen 4, al-Ameriyeh and Salah- Eddin neighborhoods in Aleppo city, destroying hotbeds of Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists and other terrorist organization linked to it.


The Syrian Air Force launched airstrikes against ISIS terrorist organization in the eastern countryside of Homs province.

The Air Force targeted dens and routes used by ISIS terrorists in south and north al-Shendakhiya and al-Sawanaa some 70 km in the eastern countryside of the province, in addition to targeting convoys of ISIS vehicles were moving at the north and east side of Palmyra, which resulted in destroying a number of ISIS vehicles, some of which were equipped with heavy machine guns.

Later, an army unit, in cooperation with backing forces, continued its combat operations north of Palmyra city in Homs province on Tuesday, establishing control over Point 806.5 to the southwest of al-Mazar Mountain north of the city, according to a military source.

The source told SANA that a number of ISIS terrorists were killed in the army’s swift and precise operations, which were followed by establishing control over the Point, as the terrorists’ arms and munitions were destroyed.

Deir Ezzor

Syrian army targeted dens of Takfiri terrorists in al-Sena’a neighborhood, in Deir Ezzor city, destroying them completely with all arms and military weapons inside, a military source told SANA.

Meanwhile, the Syrian Army Air Force destroyed gatherings and vehicles for ISIS terrorist organization in Heweijet Saqer and al-Baghleiya in Deir Ezzor countryside, the source added.

Earlier Monday, army units destroyed 4 vehicles for ISIS terrorists in al-Jaffra village in the province’s countryside.


An army unit destroyed 2 vehicles belonging to Jabhat al-Nusra during accurate strikes against one of its gatherings to the west of the Old Customs Building in al-Manshia neighborhood and on Beir al-Shiah Road to the south of Daraa al-Balad area in Daraa.

During the strikes, numbers of terrorists were killed, others were injured and their weapons and ammunition were destroyed.


An army unit carried out a special operation against a terrorist group affiliated to ISIS in Tal Ishihib in the eastern countryside of Sweida.

During the operation, ten ISIS terrorists were killed and their vehicles and ammunition were destroyed.

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