Health Ministry refutes allegations on preventing distribution of medicine for children

Damascus, SANA – The Health Ministry refuted and denounced allegations made by the UNICEF that the distribution of medicine and sanitary supplies for children was prevented in the town of Muadamiyet al-Cham to which aid was delivered on July 16th.

In a statement on Sunday, the Ministry voiced surprise over the illogical and unreal allegations which were included in a statement issued by the UN News Center, saying that the Ministry’s staff work hard to deliver vaccines and health services to all children in Syria, with several workers dying while attempting to do that.

The Ministry said the UN’s statement contains clear inconsistencies, questioning its claims that there are around 20,000 people in Muadamiyet al-Cham, 9,200 of them children in need of vaccines, wondering why the Syrian government would allow the delivery of food and milk for children and at the same time prevent the delivery of medicine and vaccines for them.

The statement noted that the Ministry asked during a meeting with representatives of the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry and UN organizations to expand the list of medicine supplied to Muadamiyet al-Cham, in addition to suggesting sending two clinics to the area to provide health services.

The Ministry said that the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) added 2,400 shots of vaccines to the aid shipment delivered to the area on July 16th, in addition to 1,700 syringes and 2,000 doses of vitamin A for children, and that an agreement was reached with SARC to provide more vaccines as soon as the supplies run out.

The Ministry asserted that whoever made these lying statements have made grave mistakes, as the ones who prevent children in Syria from receiving vaccines and health services, slaughters them, starves them, and even recruits them are terrorist groups and their supporters, and that the aforementioned UN statements are nothing short of full falsification of facts based on malicious media reports sponsored by the same sides who sponsor terrorists in Syria.

H. Sabbagh

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