Death toll from Israeli aggression on Gaza rises to 341

Gaza, SANA -Israeli occupation forces continued Saturday their brutal aggression on Gaza  within Arab, international official silence.

Israel raided different areas in the Strip, claiming the lives of 45 Palestinians and wounding many others.

With the new raids today, death toll among the Palestinians rose to 341 and 2250 wounded.

No sooner had a UN-brokered five-hour humanitarian truce to allow aid in the ravaged Gaza Strip ended than the Israeli occupation forces expanded their aggression on the Strip by launching a ground invasion overnight Thursday.

The ground offensive followed 10 days of non-stop air raids, backed up by artillery shelling, which claimed the lives of over 291 Palestinian civilians, most of them women and children, and left more than 2068 others injured.

The ongoing aggression has inflicted massive damage on the infrastructure, cutting off water and electricity to thousands of helpless unarmed residents.

In a statement, the occupation army announced Thursday that Israeli government ordered to start an offensive against the Strip with its professed aim to destroy the infrastructure of the Palestinian resistance.

The Zionist enemy’s military vehicles penetrated deeply into the north, east and west of the strip.

By launching its ground invasion into the Gaza Strip, the Israeli occupation forces have added new barbarous crimes to its notorious record amid reports of them using internationally banned smoke and poisonous bombs.

In response, the Palestinian resistance continued targeting Israeli sites and settlements with rockets and missiles and announced its complete preparedness to face the land invasion.

As acknowledged by the occupation authorities themselves, the resistance managed to set up an ambush for Israeli troops in Beit Lahya, killing a soldier and injuring others.

The resistance also announced that it sniped at an Israeli soldier and killed him in Khan Younis.

The Israeli enemy, which is accustomed to violating international law, finds no harm in escalating its aggression on Gaze and committing more crimes against humanity in the light of the absence of any international deterrent and the unlimited support offered by the US.

On Friday evening, spokesman of the emergency committee in Gaza Ashraf al-Qedra said that two children, Imad Hamed Ilwan and Qassem Hamed Ilwan, were killed and 15 others were injured by Israeli artillery attacks on al-Shujaiye neighborhood in eastern Gaza, while Israeli artillery attacks on Rafah claimed the life 27 year-old Hamza Mohammad Abu al-Hosein.

Al-Qeda said Israeli artillery attacks on Gaza also claimed the life of child Rezq Ahmad al-Hayek al-Shawa square and child Sarah Mohammad Bustan in al-Tuffah neighborhood.

Later, al-Qedra said that three people from one family were killed and three others were injured by Israeli air raids on Rafah. The victims are Mystafa Fayssal Abu Snaina (23), Imad Fayssal Abu Snaina (18), and Nizar Fayez Abu Snaina (38).

He also reported that 8 Palestinians from Abu Jarad family, four of them children including a 6 month-old boy, were killed in an Israeli artillery shelling of Izbet Beit Hanoun, while 21 year-old Ismael Ramadan succumbed to wounds inflicted by an Israeli air raid on Rafah, where another man called Mohammad Talal al-Sane’a was killed in artillery shelling of Rafah, while in Khan Younus a man named Ghassan Salem Mousa Abu Azab was killed in an air raid.

B. Mousa/H. Said / H. Sabbagh/ Mazen

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