Haidar: Latest developments in Syria helped speed up the local reconciliations

Damascus, SANA – State Minister for National Reconciliations Affairs Ali Haidar discussed on Wednesday with Ambassador of the Republic of South Africa in Syria Shaun Byneveldt the latest developments regarding national reconciliation in Syria, and the positive role of South Africa in addition to the other BRICS states in supporting the political process without any external interference.

During the meeting, Haidar stressed that the developments in Syria in recent months contributed to expanding and speeding up the pace of reconciliations, and that they also foiled those who were betting on the failure of reconciliation, adding that this was achieved thanks to the progress on the ground achieved by the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian participation in combating terrorism.

Haider pointed out the aggressive intentions and acts of some regional countries, especially Saudi Arabia and Turkey, towards the cessation of hostilities agreement, pointing out to the considerable propaganda carried out in the media by these countries to distort the local reconciliation project which requires time to ensure its success.

The State Minister also pointed out to the experience of South Africa in local reconciliation, and the coordination between its embassy in Damascus and the State Ministry, in addition to other joint efforts to support Syria.

He affirmed that any relative calm would lead to a state of temporary calm, which can turn into a permanent calm through national reconciliations.

The State Minister cited the recent reconciliations in Daraa province, where the legal status of around 1,200 gunmen were resolved, saying that this forms an important step towards a state of calm in the province that will hopefully spread to other areas, adding that reconciliations will not exclude any area in Syria.

In turn, Byneveldt expressed readiness to provide any possible assistance to the local reconciliation project in Syria, which forms a successful experience and is starting to have good results on the ground.

Qabas/ Hazem Sabbagh

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