Syrian Embassy in Moscow honors Russian veterans who served in Syria

Moscow, SANA – A ceremony was held at the Syrian Embassy in Moscow to honor Russian veterans who served in Syria starting from 1972 and helped Syrians in the fight against the Israeli enemy.

Syria’s Ambassador in Moscow Riad Haddad presented the Combat Friendship Medal to the retired brigadier general who had led the first aerial defense squadron in Syria and others who took part in repelling the Israeli aggression.

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Haddad delivered a speech in which he said the ceremony honors Russia which transported its expertise for over 50 years to the Syrian army, adding that the aid, support, and empowerment provided by Russia to Syria made aggressive parties reconsider before taking any foolhardy action, noting that Russia’s military aid for Syria is defensive in its general nature, as it is Syria’s legitimate law according to international law to protect its skies from breaches of sovereignty.

He reflected on how what is happening now is similar to what took place in the 70s, as today the Russian Aerospace Forces are taking part in fighting terrorism in Syria, showing efficiency in destroying hundreds of terrorists’ bases, camps, training centers, depots, and movements, something which helped the Syrian Arab Army realize important achievements on the ground that herald the defeat of terrorism.

“The brave and honorable stances of President Vladimir Putin, Defense Minister Sergey Shoygu, Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov, and other leaders and officials in Russian staff are appreciated by the Syrian people,” Haddad asserted.

In turn, the Russian veterans participating in the events said that the friendship between Russia and Syria was baptized in blood, forming a bond of fraternity between the two countries’ people.

They also saluted the Russian pilot who was killed in Syria after Turkish aggressors shot down his aircraft.

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The veterans presented a certificate of appreciation to Ambassador Haddad in appreciation for his efforts to bolster Russian-Syrian friendship and cooperation, in addition to presenting the Syrian Embassy with the flag of the Russian Organization for Veterans in Syria.

A number of veterans talked to SANA’s correspondent in Moscow, saying that what is currently happening in Syria is a blatant aggression by foreign forces that want to exhaust Syria and control it, asserting that the treacherous aggression of Turkey and Saudi Arabia are doomed to fail.

They said that with Russia’s help, the Saudis and the other enemies of the Syrian people will never defeat Syria’s ironclad will, adding that the forces that spread chaos, terror, and destruction mustn’t be allowed to fulfill their plots against Syria.

The veterans said that the war on Syria is malicious treason of the Arab people’s interests committed by Saudi Arabia, Turkey, and Qatar, expressing anger at these three states’ criminal behavior.

Hazem Sabbagh

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