Koreans prepare to celebrate Kim Jong Il’s 74th birthday anniversary

Pyongyang, SANA, People of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) are preparing to celebrate the 74th birthday anniversary of the leader and the Secretary General of Korean Workers Party (KWP) Kim Jong Il on February 16th.
Leader Jong Il is considered a great figure, intellectual and a brilliant theorist who set the revolutionary ideas for the Founding President Kim Il-sung which were epitomized the revolutionary and libertarian idea of Juche, and contributed in building a socialism that is based on the popular masses and in building strong Revolutionary Armed Forces.
Jong Il led DPRK to achieve distinguished developments in the political, economic, military, scientific, cultural, art, sports and other fields, as well as He took part in building a strong Army which could defend the country and its independence successfully in the face of the continued US threats since ten years ago.
Leader Jong Il presented a full and comprehensive answer regarding socialism and its future by studies in his Historical lessons in Socialism building, the KWP main role for the year 1992, It’s not allowed for the ant-socialism fabrication to pass for the year 1993 and Socialism is a General Science for the year 1994
Jong Il encouraged Koreans in launching their creative capabilities which made DPRK a modern socialist country in the face of the economic blockade and other sanctions imposed by Imperialists and their allied forces that made the DPRK to witness nowadays surprising successes in building a strong economical state.
Leader Jong Il , also, played a big role in safeguarding the international peace and security and in forming a multi-pole world by his external activities particularly with China and Russia and his visits to the two countries.

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