UN aid shipment enters Moaddamiet al-Cham in Damascus Countryside

Damascus Countryside, SANA – In cooperation with the Syrian government, a new shipment of UN aid consisting of a thousand food baskets entered Moaddamiet al-Cham area in Damascus Countryside.

UN activities coordinator in Syria Yacoub el-Hillo said that this shipment is the first of several that will be sent within the next four days, and that two mobile clinics also entered with the shipment to provide checkups.

Reconciliations coordinator in the area Hassan Ghandour said that the aid is provided by the UN and relief organizations in direct coordination with the Syrian government, the Foreign and Expatriates Ministry, and reconciliation committee within the area, and that the aid shipments consist of 4,000 food, health, and kitchen utensils baskets.

Ghandour said previous aid shipments were rejected by locals due to certain reasons as they want aid to be delivered to those who need it, not to a particular side, and that aid isn’t politicized, referring to the multiple times the locals of Moaddamiet al-Cham rejected UN aid when it was politicized.

H. Sabbagh

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