Six civilians killed, 21 injured in terrorist rocket attacks in different provinces

Provinces, SANA- Terrorists targeted residential districts, populated areas and towns in different provinces with mortar shells and rockets claiming the lives of six civilians, including children, and injuring scores of them.

Three girls killed, two others injured in terrorist rocket attacks in Aleppo

Three girls were killed and two others were injured in terrorist rocket attacks fired by terrorist on al-Neil street in Aleppo.

A source at Aleppo Governorate told SANA on Monday that terrorists positioned in Bani Zaid launched rocket shells landed in the residential al-Neil Street, claiming the lives of three girls and injuring two others with various wounds.

The terrorist attacks, according to the source, resulted in material damage to the private and public properties.

Two civilians killed, 8 injured in terrorist rocket attacks in Hama countryside

Meanwhile, two civilians were killed and 10 were injured in terrorist attack with rocket shells on al-Sqeilbiyeh city and Salhab town in the countryside of Hama province.

A source at Hama Police Command told SANA on Monday that terrorists positioned in “Wadi al-Anz” targeted al-Sqeilbiyeh city with rocket shells landed in the surroundings of the vehicles station and city market, claiming the lives of two civilians and the injury of 8 others including a child.

The terrorist organizations, according to the source, targeted Salhab town with 5 rocket shells resulted in injuring two civilians, while other five rocket shells landed on the agricultural lands of Joureen village causing no causalities among the locals.

The source pointed out that the terrorist attack caused material damage to private and public properties and citizens’ houses.

A civilian killed, 9 others injured in a terrorist mortar attack in Damascus

In Damascus,  a civilian was killed and 9 others were injured in a terrorist mortar attack on Masaken Barzeh residential neighborhood in Damascus.

A source at Damascus Police Command told SANA that the terrorists of the so-called “Jaish al-Islam” fired Monday morning a mortar round at Masaken Barzeh residential neighborhood in Damascus, killing a civilian and injuring 9 others, who were admitted to the hospital to receive necessary medical treatment.

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