Army spokesman: Syrian Air Force destroys 447 terrorist targets in 5 days

Damascus, SANA- A Syrian Arab Army spokesman said the Syrian Air Force carried out 114 sorties targeting 447 terrorist targets and destroyed them in Damascus Countryside, Homs, Hama, Idleb, Aleppo, Deir Ezzor, and Lattakia provinces in the period between the 15th and 20th of November.

In a statement on Friday, the spokesman said that the following terrorist targets were among the ones destroyed in the airstrikes:

Damascus Countryside:
-Weapons depot and 2 command centers in Douma.
-Weapons depot, mortar launchers, and heavy machineguns in Khan al-Sheih.
-Convoy of vehicles, ammo depots, heavy artillery, and mortar launchers in Be’r al-Qasab, Marj al-Sultan, and Harasta.

-2 bases and a number of vehicles in Saraqeb.
-3 command centers, 4 weapon and ammo depots, convoy of vehicles includes ones with machineguns in al-Qaryatain, Maheen, Hosh Abu Faraj, and al-Shendakhiye al-Janoubiye.

Deir Ezzor:
-Command center, 13 assorted vehicles, and 3 plants for manufacturing explosives in al-Hweiqa.

The spokesman went on to say that Army and Armed Forces units operating in Daraa province directed devastating strikes at bases and concentrations of terrorists in Daraa al-Balad area, in addition to destroying 3 artillery nests and two vehicles, one of them equipped with a machinegun, north of Atman, an Ghizlan farm, and al-Karak al-Sharqi.

In Sweida province, the army destroyed a concentration of vehicles used by terrorists east of Sha’af hill, and assorted vehicles and tankers in Mashbak al-Wedyan, and one car equipped with heavy machinegun in the surroundings of al-Thu’la airport, in addition to eliminating a number of terrorists in al-Qasr village, Ghbeib valley, Khirbet Sa’ad, and Khirbet Samir.

The spokesman went on to say that army units continue to advance towards Maheen in Homs province after establishing control over al-Hadath village, eliminating many ISIS terrorists, and destroying their concentrations and bases in al-Bayarat, Maheen, Hawarin, al-Qaryatain, al-Mshairfeh, Oum Sehreej, Jawalak, Talbiseh, and Teirmaala.

Meanwhile in Aleppo, army units continued to advance and established control over the Icarda farms, Rasm al-Aboud village, and the train station in Sheikh Ahmad village, in addition to eliminating an entire terrorist group from the “Islamic Freedom brigade” along with their leader in the province’s southwestern countryside, according to the spokesman.

Also in Aleppo city and its countryside, army units targeted with precision and concentrated strikes terrorists’ concentrations and gatherings in the areas of al-Ramousa, al-Ameriye, al-Sheikh Saeed, Bustan al-Basha, Maisaloun, Bani Zeid, the surroundings of Bashkoi, Dwair al-Zeitoun, Siqat, Deir Hafer, west of al-Nairab, Kafr Hamra, the surroundings of Msaibin hill, the surroundings of al-Zarbeh, Maskana, and al-Huwaiz, in addition to destroying 20 vehicles along with the terrorists on board between Ratian and Bashkoi.

Moving on to the northern countryside of Lattakia province, the spokesman said that the army, assisted by popular defense groups, continues to advance after establishing control voer the areas of Deir Hanna, Ghamam pumps, Beit Ayash, al-Shmaisa, al-Zbek mountain, Mousa mountain, Saqr mountain al-Sendyan mountain, al-Jalila mountain Wadi hill, Qartab, al-Raqraqiye, al-Daghmashiye, al-Zweik, and points 482, 803, and 1112, eliminating 60 terrorists and seizing a weapons and munitions depot along with assorted vehicles.

He went on to say that army units also established control over Beit Abu Risheh, Ketf al-Sa’our, a number of vantage points in Ruwaiset Eskandar, height 1149, Zweiqat mountain, and Zahiye mountain after inflicting heavy losses on terrorists, destroying a number of their machinegun-equipped vehicles, and seizing weapons and munitions.

In the eastern region, the spokesman said that the forces defending Deir Ezzor Airport are still repelling attempted attacks by ISIS, eliminating dozens of the terrorist organizaiton’s members and destroying their weapons and vehicles, adding that an army unit destroyed a tunnel used by terrorists in al-Sina’a area and target terrorist concentration in Tal al-Krouma east of the airport.

He concluded by thanking Russia for its active assistance in combating terrorism, stating that evidence shows that Russian airstrikes inflicted heavy losses upon the terrorists’ centers of command and their financial and logistic institutions, thus playing a decisive role in the victories achieved by the Syrian Arab Army.

The spokesman asserted that the Army and Armed Forces will continue fighting terrorist organizations and hunting down their remnants wherever they are found across the country until the army fulfills its national duty of eliminating terrorism and restoring safety and stability to the entirety of Syria.

Mohammad Nassr / Hazem Sabbagh

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