First batch of self-protection squads in Damascus Countryside finishes training

Damascus Countryside, SANA – The first batch of self-protection squads, which consist of hundreds of men and youths from the towns and villages of Damascus Countryside, finished their training and were given a graduation ceremony on Friday.

Squads 2

The graduating squad members carried out drills displaying some of the combat skills they acquired during their training which they will put to use as they assist the Syrian Arab Army in protecting their towns and villages from terrorists.

One of the military commanders in charge of the training program said the concept of the self-protection squads resonated strongly with many civilians who rushed to join them to help protect their country from terrorism, noting that these squads will operate in the areas over which the Syrian Arab Army recovers control, and are currently capable of carrying out subtasks like manning checkpoints, in addition to joining the army in fighting terrorists.

Hazem Sabbagh

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