Six civilians killed in terrorist attacks in Aleppo and Damascus countryside

Provinces, SANA- Three civilians were killed in a terrorist attack with rocket shells on Shihan residential area in Aleppo City.

A source at Aleppo Governorate told SANA that terrorists of the so-called “Shuhada Bader Brigade”, positioned in Bani Zaid neighborhood, last night fired rocket shells on citizens’ houses at the roundabout of Shihan residential area on the northwestern outskirts of Aleppo City.

The source indicated that 3 women were killed in the attack and three other civilians sustained wounds of varying severity, adding that the rocket shells also caused a material damage in a number of the citizens’ houses and their properties.

Later, a source at the Police Command told SANA that terrorist organizations fired rocket shells at al-Aziziye neighborhood in Aleppo city, and one of the rocket shells fell on the Latin Church in the neighborhood, causing damage to the church’s domed roof, but the shell didn’t’ break through it.

Damascus Countryside

Three civilians, one of them a child, were killed in a terrorist mortar attack that hit al-Wafideen Camp neighborhood in Damascus Countryside.

A Police Command source told SANA reporter that two mortar shells fired by terrorists from “Jaish al-Islam” landed in the neighborhood, located on the outskirts of Douma farms, killing two people and injuring six others.

One of the deceased victims was a child, while the injured included 4 other children aged 3-4 and two women, according to a medical source at al-Qtaifa National Hospital, and the medical source later reported that one of the injured woman succumbed to her wounds and passed away.

Earlier on Saturday, three civilians were killed and three others were injured in a terrorist attack with a rocket shell that fell on a residential building at al-Neel Street in Aleppo City.

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