Peskov: No talk about political settlement before the Syrian army defeats terrorists

Moscow, SANA – Russian President’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov said defeating terrorism will not be possible unless the Syrian army succeeds in its operations against terrorists, and therefore the Syrian army needs help to achieve that end.

In an interview with the BBC, which will be aired on Monday, Peskov said Russia seeks to consolidate the positions of the “legitimate” Syrian army as there is no other choice, adding that one cannot think about the political settlement before the Syrian army defeats the terrorists.

He said neither Paris nor London, Washington or Moscow has the right to name who can or cannot be the president of Syria, stressing that only the Syrian people have the say in that issue.

Peskov pointed out that up till now, the US and its allies have failed to identify any serious opposition in Syria that is not related to terrorism or not linked to extremist organizations such as ISIS, al-Qaeda or others.

Therefore, he added, it is important to save Syria and maintain its political unity and territorial integrity and not to allow the entire region, including Syria’s neighbors, to slip into the “nightmare” of collapse and the dominance of terrorism.

Peskov stressed that Moscow’s support to Syria is an attempt to save it from the terrorists and the extremist organizations.

Qabas/ H. Said

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