Minister: 10,000 gunmen turned themselves in to authorities

Damascus, SANA – Minister of State for Reconciliation Affairs Ali Haidar said that nearly 10 thousand gunmen turned themselves in to authorities in the last two years, adding that the so-called “free army” is not different from other terrorist groups.

In an interview with the Russian Sputnik News Agency published on Tuesday, Haidar stressed that over 6,000 gunmen turned themselves in to the authorities in Damascus during the past six months.

He highlighted that the Syrian state is resolved to fighting terrorism and that the latest efforts made by Syria’s allies will enable the Syrian Army free vast areas and that will constitute a springboard to free all the Syrian soil from terrorism.

The achievements of the last few weeks, the Minister said, saved months of work and strengthened the ability of the Syrian Army to put an end to the battle against terrorism.


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