Russian Defense Ministry: High-precision laser-guided missiles used in Syria

Moscow, SANA – The Russian Air Force uses high-precision laser-guided H-29L missiles in raids on terrorist positions in Syria, Spokesman for the Russian Defense Ministry Col. Igor Klimov said.

“After the missile is launched, pilot illuminates a target with a laser-controlled aimer while the fighter jet continues to maneuver,” Russia Today website quoted Klimov as saying in statements.

The H-29L air-to-surface missile armed with 500 kilograms of military-grade explosives is accurate to within two meters and has a combined high explosive and fragmentation effect.

The missile is being used by Sukhoi Su-24 and Su-34 bombers, Klimov added.

In earlier statements, the Russian Defense Ministry said the Air Force launchers air strikes away from populated areas and that targets are pinpointed based on confirmed intelligence information from various sources to avoid any civilian casualties.

H. Said

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