More terrorists’ positions destroyed by Syrian and Russian airstrikes

Provinces, SANA – The Russian Air Force, in cooperation with the Syrian Air Force, launched on Saturday more air strikes against positions of the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq (ISIS) terrorist organization, according to a military source.

The source described the air strikes as being “pinpoint” and highly accurate, directly hitting targets and leading to their destruction.

A fortified command center was destroyed in al-Latamneh in the countryside of Hama province, according to the source.

Air strikes in Idleb province destroyed weapons and equipment depots, a vehicle-rigging center, heavy machine guns and a mortar in Jisr al-Shughour and a training camp and weapons and ammunition depots in Maaret al-Nouman.

Meanwhile, the Russian Defense Ministry’s spokesman Igor Konashenkov announced in a press conference that the Russian aircrafts carried out over the past 24 hours 20 sorties attacking 9 ISIS positions in Syria.

“Accurate delivery of a concrete-piercing bomb BETAB-500 launched from a Su-34 aircraft near Raqqa destroyed a hardened command center of one of the illegal armed groups as well as an underground bunker with explosives and ammunition depot,” he said.

“Su-34 tactical bomber engaged an ISIL [ISIS] base near Maaret al-Nouman with a guided air bomb KAB-500 during a pinpoint strike. According to the objective monitoring data, terrorist fortifications, ammunition and POL depots as well as 7 vehicles were destroyed,” added Konashenkov.

He went on saying that “tactical bombers Su-24M eliminated storage bases for military hardware used by militants for preparation of terrorist attacks” in Jisr al-Shughour district in Idleb.

“Moreover, an airstrike was made against a base of militants at the same district. It completely destroyed depots with ammunition and equipment situated at the base,” he added.


The army targeted dens and cells of ISIS terrorists to the east of Assafira, Jub al-Safa, Jaboul, al-Ridwaniyah, Ayn Sabeil, Tadef, and al-Bab in the countryside of Aleppo, a military source said.

The army’s operations ended up with the killing of a number of ISIS terrorists and destroying their vehicles which were equipped with heavy machineguns, and at the same time the army forces defending the Air Force Academy in the province inflicted heavy losses on terrorists in the surroundings of the Academy which is located on the highway leading to Raqqa city.

The source said another army unit eliminated a number of terrorists, most of them from Jabhat al-Nusra, and destroyed their vehicles and supply lines from the Turkish borders in the city of Hreitan in the province’s northern countryside.

In Aleppo city, army units carried out precise operations resulting in the death of terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations in the neighborhoods of al-Rashidin 4, al-Lairamoun, Bani Zeid, Bustan al-Qasr, al-Ramousa, and al-Halk.

Later, a military source told SANA that the army’s Air Force eliminated large numbers of terrorists and destroyed some of their vehicles in Tadef, Rasm al-Imam, south of Mare’a, and on the road between al-Castello and al-Lairamoun in Aleppo and its countryside, in addition to destroying three of convoys of terrorists’ vehicles along with the weapons and ammo they were transporting.

Meanwhile, field sources told SANA that an army unit carried out a special operation against terrorists in al-Hatab square of al-Jadidah region in Old Aleppo on Friday night, destroying 3 fortified sites they were hiding in and leaving all the terrorists that were inside them dead or injured.

Deir Ezzor

More than 160 of ISIS terrorists were killed in operations carried out by units of the army and the armed forces in Deir Ezzor province.

Field sources told SANA that units of the army clashed with the ISIS terrorists on the outskirts of the neighborhoods of al-Rasafa, al-Rashidyia, al-Ommal and al-Sina’a in Deir Ezzor City, inflicting heavy losses upon them in the vehicles and personnel.

The sources added that the ISIS extremist organization detonated three car bombs in the eastern part of Deir Ezzor city in the neighborhoods of al-Sina’a and al-Rasafa.

The sources affirmed that more than 150 of the ISIS terrorists were killed in the army operations in Deir Ezzor and its countryside and a number of their vehicles were destroyed with all the ammunition and machineguns onboard.

Another army unit clashed with terrorists who attacked a military site in Deir Ezzor city, killing 13 of the attacking terrorists including an Algerian identified as Abdulaziz al-Jazaeri.


The army air force carried out airstrikes against a convoy of vehicles belonging to Takfiri terrorist organizations in the village of Ghadir Abu Sharshouh on the eastern outskirts of the Badiya “desert” in the southern Sweida province.

A number of vehicles were destroyed in the airstrikes while they were moving from the village of Ghadir Abu Sharshouh towards the Eastern Ghota in Damascus Countryside, and a number of terrorists were killed and others were injured.


Units of the army and the armed forces carried out concentrated strikes against positions and dens of the Takfiri terrorist organizations in the southern Daraa province.

Scores of terrorists were killed and their arms and ammunition were destroyed in special operations carried by an army unit against their dens in Enkhil town.

An army unit also destroyed one of the terrorists’ vehicles to the west of Namer town, 22 km to the northeast of Daraa City after monitoring the movements of the terrorists there, as all terrorists onboard were either killed or injured.

Later, a military source said that an army unit targeted terrorists’ hideouts and hotbeds in al-Nazihin Camp and al-Abbasiye neighborhood in Daraa al-Balad area in Daraa city, killing many terrorists and injuring others.

Meanwhile, the Takfiri terrorist organizations acknowledged on their pages on the social networking websites that a number of their members were killed including terrorist Luqman Jamal al-Badawi, terrorist Mohammad Ma’amoun Issa al-Nasser, and terrorist Ahmed Mohammad al-Nayef.


Army units targeted gatherings and movements of ISIS terrorists to the northeast of Wadi al-Zakara in the surroundings of Tadmur (Palmyra) city in Homs province, a military source told SANA.

A number of ISIS terrorists were killed and a mortar and amounts of weapons and ammunition were destroyed as a result of the operations, in addition to destroying a mortar launcher along with the crew using it.

The source also said that the army eliminated a number of terrorists from ISIS and destroyed a number of their hotbeds and fortifications in al-Qaryatain village 85km east of Homs city.

In the northern countryside of the province, army units targeted terrorists’ hideouts near the bridge of al-Tibeh village and in Taldao in al-Houleh and al-Rastan al-Tahtani, leaving many terrorists dead or injured.

Another army unit tarheted terrorists’ hideouts in Kafrlaha village in al-Houleh area and in al-Sa’an al-Aswad in Talbiseh area, destroying the hideouts along with the weapons and munitions inside them and leaving many terrorists dead or injured.

Damascus Countryside

Army units carried out operations in the farms of Deir al-Asafir village in the south of Eastern Ghouta area in Damascus Countryside, sources on the ground told SANA’s correspondent.

The sources said that the operations resulted in destroying two vehicles, one of which was equipped with a heavy machinegun, which had been used by terrorists from Jabhat al-Nusra.

They also resulted in killing a number of terrorists including al-Habib al-Maryudi from Libya, Abdullah al-Wakaira from Jordan, Younes Mukhaiber who was the leader of a terrorist group, Rateb Taameh, Yassin al-Tubji, Ahmad al-Saour, Ala’a Maraashli, Hassan Ajina, Khalil Falioun, Nizar al-Bunni, and Mohammad Abu Ras.

Another army unit eliminated terrorists including Imad Badra and Saeed Sheikh al-Qasir and destroyed the weapons and munitions they were carrying in the villages of Deir Salman and al-Qasimiye in al-Nashabiye area.

At the southern outskirts of Zamalka town, field sources confirmed that terrorists Hussein al-Kayayde from Jordan, Fouad al-Shebli, and Ezzeddin Inaya, Abdelfattah al-Khen, Nizar Da’as, and Saeed al-Shawish, all of whom were from Jaish al-Islam terrorist organization, were killed, and that a pickup truck was also destroyed along with the weapons and munitions it was transporting.

Army operations also resulted in destroying a hotbed of terrorists from Jaish al-Islam near al-Hal marketplace in Douma city. Mohammad Adas, Kassem Qashoua’, Nasser al-Hamik, Ibrahim Anjela, Saeed Wawiye, and Zuhair Khebiye were identified among the terrorists killed in these operations.

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