‘Fasters’ Breakfast’…charity initiative to substitute food baskets in Ramadan

Damascus, SANA – A charity project mainly inspired by the generous atmosphere that prevails during the holy month of Ramadan, which Muslims around the world observe by fasting, has been launched by a youth volunteer campaign.

The initiative, named “Iftar al-Saem” in reference to banquets held at the time when people break their fast, is meant to be “an alternative for the food basket,” according to Nour al-Sairawan of al-Ghada Association, under whose patronage the project was launched.

Iftar-Charity Project3

Al-Sairawan told SANA miscellaneous bulletin that the project suits Ramadan, where meals are being cooked by volunteer women at a special kitchen for the Association.

The meals are served to all needy families registered at the Association, with each of them feeds five individuals, he added.

The meals include rice, meat and salad dishes, in addition to dates and drinks.

Beneficiary families, al-Sairawan said, are informed of the meal date by the Association via a text message sent to their mobile phones, usually one or two hours before fast-breaking ( iftar) time.

The Association has so far distributed 1000 meals to 100 registered beneficiary families. It also feeds 250 unregistered families.

H. Said

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