Mikdad: Syria is committed to security and safety of Palestinians living in it

Damascus, SANA – Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad met on Tuesday Director of the Palestinian Liberation Organization’s politburo, Ambassador Anwar Abdul-Hadi, discussing with him developments in the region, bilateral relations, and the conditions of Palestinians in Syria.

During the meeting, the two sides decried Israel’s covert role in undermining the Palestinians’ national project for establishing an independent state with Al-Quds (Jerusalem) as its capital.

Mikdad reiterated Syria’s support for the Palestinian people’s rights, asserting that the Palestinian cause will remain Syria’s central cause despite the current circumstances.

He also asserted that Syria made no decision preventing Palestinians from moving and traveling within Syria and outside it, and that Palestinians are treated in the same way as Syrian citizens in this respect.

The Deputy Minister affirmed that Syria is committed to security and safety of Palestinians living in it, and that it will provide the necessary facilitations to ensure the delivery of aid to Palestinian camps, adding that Syria is in a good situation in terms of fighting terrorism, and that positive developments regarding the crisis in Syria will become apparent soon.

For his part, Abdul-Hadi said that the reason for Palestinians leaving their camps and homes in Syria is the acts of terrorist organizations, and that this has led to their suffering and having to live in poor conditions.

Hazem Sabbagh

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