Decree on naming ten People’s Assembly members

Damascus, SANA, President Bashar al-Assad issued Monday decree number 244 for the year 2015  which stipulates for naming ten members for the People’s Assembly to fill the 10 vacant seats.

The ten new members are:
Samir Abdul Maula al-Jazaeri, for Damascus
Tareef Abdul Hamid Qotrash, for Damascus
Ahmad Ahmad al-Dalatti, for Damascus countryside
Ziad Ahmad al-Taleb, for Homs
Omar Ahmad al-Arroub, for Aleppo countryside
Abdul-Razak Saleh Barakat, for Aleppo countryside
Fayssal Hajji Omar, for Raqqa
Nidal Korkis Ishoh, For Hasaka
Ali Ahmad al-Ghazali, for Daraa
Mohamad Ahmad al-Efeish, for Quneitra
The decree will be effective as of date of issue.
Reem/ Barry

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