Syrian community in Hungary, “For Syria Forum” condemn Sweida twin terrorist bombings

Budapest, SANA – Syrian community in Hungary and “For Syria Forum” condemned the twin terrorist bombings taken place in Sweida southern province, stressing that the terrorist act aims at destabilizing the security of the Province and stirring sedition among its residents.

Terrorists blew up on Friday two car bombs almost simultaneously in two different areas in Sweida city, leaving 26 people dead and dozens injured.

The Forum and members of the Syrian community said in a statement the bombings will not deter the honest residents of Sweida from accomplishing their duty, as they will remain steadfast in the face of all conspiracies that target the homeland.

The statement added that attempts of destabilizing security of Sweida will not succeed because the province’s residents have taken their decision standing by the side of the homeland and army until all the lands seized by terrorists, agents of the USA, the international Zionism and funded by reactionary Arab regimes are regained.
R. Milhem/ Barry

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