Dozens of families return to their homes in al-Housseiniyeh town

Damascus Countryside, SANA- Dozens of families returned to their houses in al-Housseiniyeh town in the southern countryside of Damascus after the army restored stability and security to it.

The families who entered the town on Wednesday are the families of employees after the martyrs’ families returned to the town on August 23rd.

Rateb Addas, deputy governor of Damascus Countryside, said in a statement to reporters that the families are returning in a gradual process to guarantee that basic services are provided to all citizens.

He pointed out that around 3000 families returned to al-Housseiniyeh town in parallel with the continuation of work to provide services to them, affirming the readiness of the dispensary and medical point to provide medical care for locals.

Maintenance workshops in al-Housseiniyeh municipality made considerable progress in returning all vital services to the town and work is under way to rehabilitate schools and secure all needs for the upcoming school year.

The families expressed their satisfaction to return to their homes after years of displacement.

On August 16th, hundreds of families began to return to their homes in al-Housseiniyeh area after three years of forced displacement due to terrorist attacks that came to an end once the army restored stability and security to the area.

Manar al-Frieh/Manal

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