Steps taken to address shortage in water caused by terrorists’ actions

Damascus, SANA – Director of the Damascus and Damascus Countryside Water Establishment Hussam Eddin Hreidin said that the establishment is currently employing backup reservoirs to compensate for the shortage of drinking water in Damascus which occurred after terrorists diverted the water of al-Fijeh spring to Barada valley.

Hreidin told SANA that the reservoirs cover around 40% of Damascus city’s water needs and are part of the Water Resources Ministry’s contingency plan for any potential emergency, saying that water may be unavailable for a day or two, but it will not be cut off from Damascus completely.

Terrorists had cut off the drinking water supplied to Damascus by diverting the water from al-Fijeh spring to Barada River as part of their systematic attacks and acts of vandalism on services sectors in a bid to pressure the people of Damascus.

Hazem Sabbagh

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