Phosphates exports in first half of 2015 increased compared to 2014, Petroleum Minister

Damascus, SANA – Petroleum and Mineral Resources Minister Suleiman al-Abbas said that phosphates exports have increased in the first half of 2015 compared to the same time in 2014, with exports of 568,000 tons valued at USD 64 million.

Compared to the half of 2014, this marks an increase of 153,000tons in exports valued at USD 33 million, al-Abbas stated during a meeting to follow up on investment and production plans for the Ministry’s establishments and companies.

During the meeting, the Minister stressed the need to expand excavation and production, finish gas plants under construction, and operate refineries at optimum efficiency, lauding the efforts of the workers at the Southern Central Area Gas Plant to put out the fire that erupted at the plant in Saturday after terrorists attacked it with rockets, as the workers managed to bring the plant back online in record time.

The meeting also discussed production plans, showing that overall oil produced in Syria during the first half of 2015 and delivered to Homs refinery amounted to 8.1 million barrels at an average rate of 9,934 barrels per day, while around 827.2 billion cubic meters of natural gas was produced at a daily average of around 15.6 million cubic meters.

251.2 billion cubic meters of the gas that was produced was allocated to the Electricity Ministry, 279 million to the Petroleum Ministry, and 113 million to the Industry Ministry.

The reports showed that around 882.1 million tons of crude materials were processed at Homs and Banyas refineries, and petroleum products produced by them was around 862.1 million tons, 859.1 million tons of which were sold, with overall sales of petroleum products and cooking gas amounting to around SYP 620.268 billion.

Finally, raw materials for construction and industrial purposes valued at SYP 932 million were sold, and 644,000 tons of phosphates valued at SYP 171.1 billion were sold.

Hazem Sabbagh/Barry

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