DGAM: Terrorists loot al-Khuder Synagogue (Jobar Synagogue) in Damascus

Damascus, SANA – Director of the Historical and Archeological Buildings Department at the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums (DGAM) Nazir Awad said that the photos broadcast by some news agencies and posted by social media websites showing looted antique collectibles, which were stolen by the so-called Jaish al-Islam from al-Khuder Synagogue (Jobar Synagogue) in Damascus, belong to the Synagogue.

Jobar Synagogue – has been looted and burned, and its roof was blown off in 2011.

Awad told SANA that the synagogue is an ancient temple whose current building dates back to 200 years old and listed in the National Heritage List since 1981, pointing out that it has been attacked by the terrorist organizations by the end of 2011.

He pointed out that after the terrorists have taken over the synagogue, information indicated to secret excavation works at its surroundings and inside in addition to smuggling its antique collectibles.

Al-Khuder Synagogue was rich of archeological and heritage collectibles such as paintings and copper, gold and glass pieces in addition to scrolls and manuscripts of Torah which were kept in cupboards. It also contains wooden and marble decorations and rare types of carpets, Awad said.

He pointed to the big losses affected the Synagogue, at the hands of terrorists, and other religious archeological sites in Syria, including mosques and churches.

Earlier on Tuesday, websites said al-Khuder Synagogue was looted and robbed by terrorists, asserting that among the looted pieces were gold chandeliers, icons and manuscripts

The websites said that the so-called Jaish al-Islam, led by terrorist Zahran Alloush, dug a tunnel, to be used as a way to stole the ruins from Jobar neighborhood, stretching from the cellar of al-Jihad school to under al-khuder Synagogue to excavate the ruins under it, transport them to Douma and then to smuggle them abroad.

The UN Security Council adopted last February resolution no. 2199 stipulating for stopping financing of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra and other terrorist organizations through stopping the selling of oil and looted ruins, and ransom , calling for those who are involved in such acts to be trialed as complicit with terrorism.

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