“Welcome Tartous, summer 2015 Festival honors injured soldiers

Tartous, SANA In appreciation of their sacrifices in defending the homeland against terrorism, the Syrian Company for Transportation and Tourism honored 50 injured soldiers during the activities of the 3rd day of Welcome Tartous, Summer 2015 in the coastal city of Tartous.

Activities of Welcome Tartous summer 2015 Festival on the Seafront Corniche of Tartous city kicked off on Friday. The Festival is held by the Syrian Company for Transportation and Tourism.


Dr. Nasser Qeidaban, Director of the Syrian Company for Transportation and Tourism said the company will grant job opportunities in its projects, being executed in Tartous, for the families of martyrs and injured soldiers.

A number of honored soldiers expressed pride in defending the dignity and honor of their homeland, stressing that Syria will achieve victory soon due to the achievements of the Syrian Arab army.

The Festival, which will be concluded on August 31, includes 3 Phases, mainly folk, art and national events, Ramadam Tent, entertainment activities, math Olympiad competitions and a charity bazar.
H. Zain/ Barry

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