Social fabric of Homs strong, Minister of Social affairs affirms during Sunday Mass

Homs, SANA – Minister of Social Affairs Kinda al-Shammat and Homs Governor Talal Barazi  participated in Sunday Mass held in the historical Church of Saint Mary of the Holy Belt (Um  az-Zinnar) for Syriac Orthodox in Homs Old city with the presence of clergymen from the  central province.

Giving a speech, Minister al-Shammat said the social fabric of Homs city is strong and the  spirit of love among its residents is high.

“Residents of Homs have been united in confronting conspiracies and in restoring normal life  to their city,” said al-Shammat.

For his part, Governor Barazi promised that security will be regained to the archeological city of Palmyra soon thanks to the sacrifices of the Syrian Arab Army.

He added that work is underway for guaranteeing the return of all displaced citizens to their homes and supplying them with basic needs.

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