Poisson: No sustainable solution to crisis without negotiating with President al-Assad

Damascus, SANA The crisis in Syria could not be solved through the EU or the West in general or the US without talking with President Bashar al-Assad, said Jean-Frederic Poisson, member of the National Assembly of France and Chairman of the Christian Democratic Party.

During his meeting with Speaker of the People’s Assembly Mohammad Jihad al-Laham in Damascus on Saturday, Poisson referred to the disinformation and misleading the European people are being subjected to in regard to the nature of the events taking place in Syria.

I came to Syria to see for myself what is actually happening so that I can share my opinion in the debates taking place in France on the nature of the crisis here, he added.

I am one of a group of French politicians who always say that dialogue and negotiation must be held with President al-Assad to solve the crisis in Syria,” said Poisson, adding that there cannot be a sustainable solution without maintaining the cohesion of the Syrian state.

Poisson pointed out that he sought through his visit to Syria, as a leader of the Christian Democratic Party, to listen to the Syrian officials about what should be done to protect the Christians and what Syria expects from France and Europe in this regard.

To that, Speaker al-Laham answered that protecting the Christians in the entire Middle East region needs protecting all components of the people in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon and Egypt and supporting the efforts of those countries in confronting the Takfiri terrorist organizations.

The war on terrorism, he stressed, will not prove fruitful unless there is coordination and cooperation with the Syrian and Iraqi governments in the framework of the UN Security Council’s resolutions and far from the immediate and narrow interests of some sides.

Al-Laham criticized the French leadership, saying that with it supporting “the killers of children, throat slitters and the kidnappers of the women,” this leadership is committing “the gravest of mistakes in history.”

Providing support to any armed terrorist group that is fighting the Syrian state means supporting terrorism, and there cannot be no other way to describe this act, said al-Laham.

The Parliament Speaker highlighted the role which the national, regional and international parliamentary institutions could play in solving problems and conflicts through dialogue and diplomacy, saying Syria is now open more than any time before to any regional, international or parliamentary anti-terrorism efforts providing
that these efforts be honest and real and respect the sovereignty of the Syrian state.

H. Zain/Haifa Said

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