Al-Karar International Foundation for Information honors Armenia’s ambassador in Damascus

Damascus, SANA- Al-Karar International Foundation for Information honored Sunday the Armenian ambassador in Damascus Arshak Poladian for his role in developing the bilateral relations between Syria and Armenia in all fields, on top, the social and cultural fields.

Director General of the foundation, Ahmad Abdul Ghani asserted that ambassador Poladian played, and is still playing, a positive role in enhancing the historical relations between the two peoples of Syria and Armenia.

Ambassador Poladian, for his part, said that the relations between Syria and Armenia dates back to many centuries ago and have been enhanced thanks to the positive and fraternity stances taken by the Syrians who hosted the Armenians when the Ottomans tried to exterminate them.

Poladian expressed hope to return peace to Syria, the cradle of civilizations, the country of all peoples including the Armenian one who lived in love and harmony with Syrians.


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