Cuban Embassy celebrates 87th anniversary of Guevara’s birth

Damascus, SANA- The Cuban Embassy in Damascus celebrated on Sunday the 87th anniversary of  the birth of the Argentine revolutionary Ernesto Che Guevara.

Guevara played a key role in the Cuban Revolution, he also served in the government of Cuba after the communist takeover before leaving Cuba to try and stir up rebellions in Africa and South America. Today, he is considered by many to be a symbol of rebellion and idealism.

During the celebration ceremony, Cuban Ambassador in Damascus Fernando Perez Masa pointed out  that Guevara was the founder of Prensa Latina news agency which currently discloses the reality of events in Syria and shows the steadfastness of the Syrian people in the face of the western powers, asserting the continuation of the agency’s work in Syria is a continuation of Guevara thoughts.

The Syrian people’s resistance, struggle and steadfastness in the face of the imperialist enemy are the best commemoration of Guevara, he said.

Cuban journalist Miguel Martiniz Fernandez, who is working at Prensa Latina’s office in Damascus , asserted that the agency is keen to convey the reality of events in Syria to the public opinion in Latin America in the light of existing a lot of western and US –baked news agencies which try to distort the truth.


Prensa Latina was founded in 1959 shortly after the Cuban Revolution and its goal embodied in disseminating propaganda for the government and providing an alternative news source of the international topics and events instead of the US main media outlets.

The agency also has an additional 40 overseas offices, most of them in Latin America.
A number of Syrian and Palestinian officials in addition to a number of journalists participated in the celebration.


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