205 wanted people have their files settled

Provinces, SANA – The authorities settled the files of 29 wanted people from Idleb province who were misled into getting involved in the recent events in the country.

The 29 persons benefited from the latest amnesty decree after they had turned themselves in and pledged not to carry out any act that could harm the security of the country or citizens.

Governor of Idleb Safwan Abo Saadi met them and stressed that efforts to settle the files of the people who were misled will continue in the province so as to usher in a new stage where everybody can take part in the reconstruction stage in the country after winning the war on terrorists.

Hundreds of people, including gunmen and fleeing military and security members, turned themselves in to authorities and had their files settled amid efforts to enhance nationwide reconciliation.

60 gunmen from al-Qseir countryside turn themselves in to authorities

60 gunmen  who were involved in the recent events turned themselves in and handed their weapons to authorities .

The gunmen were released after they pledge not to do any acts that affect Syria’s security and stability.

In a statement to the journalists, Head of al-Baath Arab Socialist al Party, Homs Branch Subhi Harb stressed that settlements are a  real chance  for the mislead citizens to return to the country’s lap.

For their part, the gunmen who had their files settled thanked the competent authorities which support them to return to the right track and participate in rebuilding Syria.

Other 116 wanted from Damascus and its countryside, Hasaka and Deir Ezzor turned themselves in to authorities  to have their files settled.

B. Mousa/ H. Said

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